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Hoppin’ Pants January 14, 2011

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Today I went shopping at a thrift store down the road from us.  I found out that they have a great selection of books!  It was like I was at Barnes and Noble, only slightly used.  Anyway, after peeling myself away from the book section, I ventured over to the children’s clothes.  I had grabbed a few things for the kids, and then…


I saw them.


Or maybe you could say, I heard them.  The loudest pants on the face of the planet.

If ever there have been a pair of pants that literally scream Maya’s name, these pants were it.

So, I decided I could spend the 50 cents, and got the girl some pants.

After I got home, Maya woke from her nap.  The pants were at the bottom of a pile of clothes.  I saw her eyes widen as she saw them. She snatched them out, yelling, “Mom, look!” Before I could even look at her, her clothes were stripped off and the pants were going on.  Apparently, love at first sight.

She immediately declared that she could jump and hop better in THESE pants, and so, the “hoppin’ pants” were born.



Admit it, you wish you had some hoppin’ pants.


8 Responses to “Hoppin’ Pants”

  1. allison Says:

    how precious!! she’s such a doll, and yes, i’m totally digging her hoppin’ pants. :-)

  2. I love her pants! What a cute story!

  3. Ginni Says:

    She has great energetic reasoning. a girl after my own fashion style. I’ll dig out a picture of my favorite pedal pushers as a senior in H.S.

  4. MomQueenBee Says:

    Have you never seen my hoppin’ pants? They’re just like Maya’s. And I leave you with that mental image.

  5. Abby Says:

    That girl is so stinkin’ cute!! And don’t you just love thrift store shopping?!? It’s so addictive. When the adoption stress increases, so does my time spent in second-hand shops rifling through baby clothes!

  6. Jean Says:

    I love the pants!

  7. Monica Says:

    Ella has those same pants! She loved them too. So cute!

  8. Andrea Murphy Says:

    I hadn’t checked blogs in awhile and I was so surprised and excited to see your daughter! How wonderful! She is absolutely beautiful! I know what you mean about adopting an older child who comes equipped with his/her own ideas. Almaz was very defiant and it took a few months to get our roles defined…. she wanted to be the boss and it was quite painful for everyone involved. I vote for firm parenting, as early as you feel comfortable doing it. We can still be loving with clearly defined boundaries and natural consequences.

    Belated Congratulations!
    Andrea Murphy

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